Blueberry Muffins And Kombucha

Blueberry Muffins And Kombucha

Hello and happy Monday beautiful people! Ready to start the week or did you need an extra day to get it together? I am one of those people. I felt myself really wanting a nap yesterday and I am not a nap person, but it felt really nice.

What are we reading?

The book that I am currently indulging is is Blueberry Muffin Murder by Joanne Fluke. This is book number three in the Hanna Swensen series. It is time for the annual Lake Eden winter carnival, lifestyle maven and TV personality Connie Mac has the honor of creating the carnival cake inside of the Cookie Jar. Connie Mac comes into town bossy and bad tempered, until Hanna walks into the Cookie Jar to find the cake burnt and Connie on the floor dead. Now the Cookie jar is a crime scene and Hannah is looking for a killer again.

If you are not familiar with Hannah Swensen and the Cookie Jar where have you been? She is a charismatic curly red head with a bakery in her small hometown of Lake Eden Minnesota. I feel in love with this cozy read when I stumbled upon book one on a random trip to the Barnes (Barnes and Noble) and have been hooked ever since. Not only do I find myself wanting to help Hannah but I also want to try the cookie recipes that you find in the book.

I been drinking I been drinking

Healthade Kombucha in Passion Fruit-Tangerine. It has a tangy tangerine and passion fruit flavor

I fell into kombucha around November of last year and I have no regrets. I can really taste the tangerine in the drink. When first opening the bottle you smell the passion fruit and your first thought is that it is going to be overpowering, but it is not at all. Kombucha is great for gut health, I love how I feel after drinking about of this.

I cannot wait to really dive into this book and give you guys my thoughts but do not be afraid to read along with me and share your thoughts. So grab a bottle of Booch or drink of preference and go to Lake Eden and have a cookie or two.

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