Hello May

Hello May

Hello all! This is coming out a little late, better then never correct? May has arrived, and can I say that I was not ready for this. With everything going on as of late the days are just flying by.

I have chosen five books from my bookshelf that I either have not read yet, and a couple that I can reread.I will start my rereads, then the ones I have not read yet (I thought I would have more of those). I will be honest I have never finished one book in one month but 5 is a lot. I think with determination and you guys keeping me accountable I know that I can accomplish this!

I love Harry Potter! Who doesn’t? I remember when this series first came out and everyone in my house wanted to go to Hogwarts. I remember my mom taking me to the Barnes and letting me get the latest book every-time they came out. She still has those copies, I picked up the graphic edition of Harry Potter and the Scourers Stone to start my own collection. To be honest I always wished there were pictures when I read the books years ago. I am a visual person so it would have been fun to see the characters. In this book you meet a young Harry living in his aunt and uncles house with his bully of a cousin Dudley. On his eleventh birthday Harry learns that his parents were powerful wizards and that he has powers of his own. He leaves to go to Hogwarts a boarding school for young wizards, where he meets his best friends who help him on his road of discovery.

Charlagmane the god is a very outspoken radio host on the breakfast club. He is hilarious and makes me laugh so much when I listen to the podcast. He says what others are afraid to say and doesn’t apologize for being so harsh. His first book Black Privilege: Opportunity comes to those who create it, is half autobiography and half self help book. He has come up with eight principles of what he considers your god given privilege.

Of course I have to read the fifth book in the Hannah Swensen series. As stated in my last post I love cozy mysteries. Lemon meringue pie murder is the fifth installment of a wonderful series. Hannah seems to be living a normal life again until Norman drops a bomb on her that he bought a house and was going to tear it down and build their dream home. With no ring on her finger Hannah and her mother go to the house only to find the previous owner dead. I can not wait to see what happens along the way for Hannah. I am also reading sprinkle with murder another cozy mystery. It is about two friends Melanie and Angie owners of a small bakery. Not only is their first client a bridezilla she also winds up dead after eating one of their cupcakes! Now the girls have to get to the bottom of the murder.

I am currently reading Beautiful Ruins by Jess Walters. It is a non fiction novel that starts out on a coastline in Italy in 1962. The story then jumps to present day in Los Angeles California in a small movie studio. An older gentleman is there looking for a mysterious woman he met fifty years ago. The story not only travels decades but also touches many different characters and I can not put it down.

I can not wait to read these books! Is it bad that I already am making a list of what I would like to read in June? Thank you for stopping by guys, and if you have time check out one of these books! Remember reading is like dreaming with your eyes open.


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