Joanne Fluke

Joanne Fluke

I have always liked reading, but I found that others had a favorite genre and author that they always went to. I didn’t have that, I bounced around from different genres and authors and not finding a true home if you will. Until one day after many hours inside of the Barnes (Barnes an noble) that I found my home! I came across Hannah Swensen a bakery shop owner in the small town of Lake Eden in the mystery section.

I was not to familiar with cozy mysteries before this but i was intrigued. Not only did the synopsis of the book seem intriguing, but the recipes that i looked out sounded delightful. I took that book home that day and felt so excited like I just won a prize of some sort. Not knowing that my world would be shifted.

Shhh I think I know who the killer is! Was my response every time someone interrupted me while reading. Joanne Flue is a truly talented writer and deserves to be a New York Times best selling author. The way she tells a story is so captivating and sucks you in. I was now a cozy mystery reader and there was no turning back. I have gotten to know each individual in the small town of Lake Eden and I can say that in my head I am Hannah’s friend.

There are twenty-five books in the series, and has also been turned into five Hallmark movies based on Hannah’s character. I have only finished four and can not wait to continue the journey. Joanne Fluke initially set out to write cook books but her publisher recommended writing cozy mysteries. She lives in Southern California with her family who get to taste each recipe that has been featured in her books! (So lucky) Also a random fan girl fact we both went to CSUSB!

If you have not ever dove into the cozy mystery section at your local bookstore I highly recommend giving it a try. They are fun light reads that will definetly make you feel good inside and out!

Thanks for stopping by guys! Always remember reading is like dreaming with your eyes open.


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