Italian beaches and unfinished business

Italian beaches and unfinished business

Beautiful ruins by Jess Walters is about a young ambitious day dreamer in a small village off an Italian coastline. His whole world is flipped upside down when a beautiful american actress comes to stay in his hotel by accident. Or was it fate? Is she dying? Is this what all american movie sets are like?

Flash to fifty years later hes not so young, but still as ambitious as he was in his younger days. In search of his beautiful american woman and a need to make things right.

This novel starts off so well and entraps you in the life of Pasquel and Dee Moray. I wanted to like this book, but it just didn’t do it for me. Sadly some of the chapters seemed to drag on, and there were to many characters to keep track of and how they were significant in the story. I lost interest halfway through the book, but kept reading to see what happened in the end. I can only blame my curiosity for that. I did really like the ending it makes your heart happy but I wish we could have skipped some things to get there. I give it three and a half stars.

“Most people live between boredom and contentment.”

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