Murder with a pastry

Murder with a pastry

As you all have come to find out, I really like this series. The characters are all very charming and the storytelling is light and fun to read.

This is the third book in the collection by Joanne Fluke. Hannah is caught in a love triangle between her soft spoken dentist Norman and her strong detective beau Mike. If that wasn’t enough to keep Hannah busy, its also time for the annual Lake Eden winter festival. The host of this years festival is celebrity chef Connie Mac. Mac is also in town opening her own store in the local mall until she was found dead inside of the Cookie Jar.

Hannah and her sister are on the case to catch the killer. In the process they build a better bond and learn so much about people they have known for many years. There are so many twists and good laughs in this book I couldn’t put it down.

Each book in this series gets even better then the last. I have become engulfed in the lives of the characters in Hannah Swensons life. I give this book four stars. Its very engaging and the story is one that I couldn’t stop reading.

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