Little shop in Cornwall

Little shop in Cornwall

Hey guys welcome back! My third read this month is The little shop in Cornwall by Helen Pollard.

I fell in love with the cover of this book guys I have to admit. It is simple yet bold. Does this happen to anyone else? You know nothing about the book but by looking at the cover you want to read it. Then you proceed to read the back cover of the book hoping it lives up to the cover of the book. That was me when deciding if I wanted to commit to this book.

A perfect beach read…If you are ready to go to the beach yet, or a nice read in your backyard with a nice margarita.

Claudia left her corporate life and husband behind in London. Setting up a new age shop along the beach in Cornwall with a new lease on life. With her companion pudding Claudia couldn’t be happier with her decision. Jason Craig and his teenage daughter Millie move to Cornwall after his wife passes away from cancer. Both hurt, upset and confused stumble onto Claudia’s store, one more interested then the other. Someone else moves in and makes Claudia feel that she is no longer needed in their little community.

I was so happy when Netgalley and Bookoture gifted me a copy of this book! So far it id very good, I haven’t been able to put it down! Check out my review for this book!

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