Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter

Hey there guys! Last week I think we all took some time off to have some personal reflection time. We took a break from social media and daily post. I also took some time off. For the first time I had a schedule of all of my posts and now I will be posting them a little later then normal and that will be fine. I would like to take this time to say THANK YOU. I feel so appreciated in this community. As a black book blogger I came into this a little uneasy. I had a lot of self doubt and still do a tad. Will people read my content? Will I be a likeable person, are all questions I ask myself before I post anything. I am learning and growing because of all of you. I also want to read more books from POC. As a black blogger I feel as if I have to try harder and really prove myself to this community. I have to stand out and it is hard to get noticed. This makes me very critical of myself and my work, that makes me stop posting or takes me a long time to post. That is a habit I am breaking today. I am just thankful and glad you all accept me. I a appreciate you.

Have a great week guys! And remember reading is like day dreaming with your eyes open. XOXO

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