A little shop in Cornwall

A little shop in Cornwall

Please forgive me, I finished this little gem at the end of May but the beginning of June was a doozy.

The Little Shop in Cornwall by Helen Pollard was a very delightful book.

Synopsis: Claudia is the owner of a new age shop in Cornwall. Very different from her life two years before, and she was happy with the change her new life brought. Jason and Millie Craig move into this tiny town into a house right off of the beach, Millie’s mother and Jason’s beloved wife Gemma passes away of cancer. Jason sees it as a fresh start for his daughter. Millie absolutely loves Claudia’s shop and they become fast friends leaving Jason in the dust scratching his head. Someone else moves into town and upsets Claudia and the other residents.

I just want to say that I am not a romantic-comedy person, but I could not put my kindle down! It was so delightful the perfect beach read for your summer. It has a mixture of romance comedy and some light drama. The story telling was very descriptive and made me add Cornwall to the places I’d like to visit.This book reminds us that opposites attract. She believes in crystals for healing and meditation. He doesn’t understand the point of listening to the sound of your breathe. I truly hope there is a sequel it was that good.

I give this book 4 stars. This book comes out on June 15. Please go pick it up guys!

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