The Secret Women

The Secret Women

Can I just send a cheers to all strong women!

If you are looking for a book that will pull at your heartstrings and still fill you with happiness then I highly recommend The Secret Women by Sheila Williams. I finished this book within a week last week that how phenomenal it was.

Three women become fast friends after a yoga class and margaritas at a local restaurant. I was initially drawn to the cover of this book because it is so pretty, but once I started reading I was drawn to all three women. I love how they became such a great support system for each other when they live completely different lives and didn’t formally know each other outside of their weekly yoga class. I found myself aww-ing at certain parts of this story that how invested I became in these characters. They each couldn’t handle what was troubling them alone and with the help of the others, they battled and conquered their fears. Two things you can take away from this book are how women are great at uplifting each other when handling things alone just won’t cut it. everyone needs a great set of friends to help them with life struggles and to help them navigate how to be able to move on and succeed in life. The second is that sometimes you don’t have to have similar backgrounds with someone for them to be a friend.

I liked this book so much I will be going to pick up a hard copy it was published last week! Truly great read, I give it 4 stars.

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