Becoming is an autobiography by Michelle Obama. Before reading this book I only knew of First lady Obama from what I saw on the news and social media. Like the rest of the world I was in awe of her and her family, but I never thought to dig deeper about her. I saw how her book became a best seller and how people really admired her and said that I would read the book one day. I was not only pushed by bookstagram but I watched her documentary on Netflix and it was very moving for me. The role she took on and still tried to be a normal citizen and the struggles that came with that was refreshing to see in a way. After reading this book I think she is an amazing and inspirational person. I related to her humble beginnings, growing up in Chicago and her life journey was really great to read. Becoming by Michelle Obama really changed my way of thinking and my perspective on life. No matter what hat you wear, mother, wife, business woman without those titles you are still you. With this book that is what she was trying to convey is that you always have to remain who you are and maybe sometimes have to re balance and take a different course at times but you will always be you. I recommend this book to all, and give it 5 stars.

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