The Waffle House on the Pier

The Waffle House on the Pier

Hello again guys, I recently finished reading The Waffle House on the Pier by Tilly Tennant.

For as long as Saddie could remember her grandparents have run a waffle house on the pier of Sea Salt Bay. But when something happens to her grandfather, leaving her grandmother to handle things on her own. With tough decisions to be made Saddie quits her job, and decides to help her grandmother until she realizes its all to much.

While I am fairly new to the romance genre, this book fell flat for me. I really loved the cover and the description of the book, those two things really lead me to even consider reading this book. It was just lacking the depth and creative writingI was looking for. I like getting to know the characters and watching their love blossom. Within the first three chapters I knew how the story would end, I had a hard time connecting and liking this book. I also wasnt to crazy about Saddie, with that being said I rate this one 2 stars.

Has there been a book that you read that just didnt do it for you? Let me know, thanks for stopping by.


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