Meet the Bookstagrammer!

Meet the Bookstagrammer!

I hit 500 followers so I thought it was a perfect time to do a meet the bookstagrammer.

Here are some random facts about me:

🍩Beyoncé is my favorite musical artist #queen

🍩My two favorite comfort shows to watch are Gilmore Girls and Golden girls

🍩Obsessed with all of the Real Housewives Franchises and 90 day fiancé

🍩My favorite flower is a sunflower 🌻

🍩My birthday is next month #virgolife

🍩If I could eat pizza,donuts and tacos all day I would

🍩My favorite animal is a giraffe 🦒

🍩I’m a licensed esthetician.

Thank you to all of you who decided to follow me I appreciate all of you and I love being apart of this wonderful community!

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