✨Home Before Dark ✨

✨Home Before Dark ✨

After taking a book hiatus..( very unplanned) I finished home before dark over the weekend!

This is my first Riley Sager book and I enjoyed all the twist and turns he threw at me. I saw this book all over the gram and figured it would be the perfect october book to read and wasn’t disappointed.


I liked how the book told the story of the present and the past it gave so much perspective and intrigue to the story. Again the twists and turns really got me, right when I think I’ve solved the mystery and it’s over something happens to throw that theory into the trash. I also enjoyed that even though it was a thriller the main character kind of ended her story on a happy note sort of (besides the stuff with her mom). As someone who gets startled by her own shadow I felt that this book wasn’t as scary 👻 as I’d pictured. I can’t wait to read more by Riley


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