Waiting For The Night Song

Waiting For The Night Song

Happy Publishing Day to Waiting For The Night by Julie Carrick Dalton.

I received this as book mail last week and fell in love with this cover ! 🥰🥰

Synopsis: Cadie Kessler has spent decades trying to cover up one truth. One moment. But deep down didn’t she always know her secret would surface? An urgent message from her long-estranged best friend Daniela Garcia brings Cadie, now a forestry researcher back to her childhood home. There her and Daniela are forced to face a dark secret that ended bother their idyllic childhood.

This sounds like it will give me have me feeling a lot of emotions. I can’t wait to dive into it. You guys can pick this gem up starting today!

Thank you @juliecdalton and @booksparks for my copy 🤍

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